Hansen Federal Building Consolidation Project

The Hansen Federal Building Consolidation project consisted of a remodel of approximately 40,000 square feet on multiple floors and included selective demolition, framing for new walls and doors, installation of acoustical panel ceilings, interior lighting, electrical upgrades, plumbing repairs and upgrades, security and IT infrastructure upgrades, new building finishes, installation of HVAC and mechanical, asbestos abatement, and removal and re-installation of historic finishes. It also included moving a historical wall 8’6” from its original location. The project impacted all 6 floors and the basement of this fully occupied building. There was a considerable amount of coordination with the different government agencies that occupy the building so as to not disturb tenants during construction.

The Hansen Federal Building Consolidation project was broken into two phases. Each phase was intricate and required close attention to scheduling, coordination with government personnel, and tracking of completed and non-completed work to ensure that the time sensitive dead line of each Phase was met. Phase 1 was to be completed first as tenants were still occupying office space for phase 2. These tenants were then to move into the newly remodeled spaces finished with phase 1 and phase 2 construction began. Both phases of this project were completed on or before the scheduled date of substantial completion.